about me

My name is Alex Shaw and I am a self-taught photographer, videographer and graphic designer with a mission to capture the beauty in people and the places I go. With a combination of quirky ideas spurred on by nonstop creative thinking and a love for life, my portfolio has a massive range of content.
I got into photography and videography as a way of bonding with my friends (I basically turned them into my test subjects 24/7) and I keep that at the heart of my work, never losing sight of why I capture moments. When working with people, it's my goal to let them forget about the camera and have fun. When I'm working with nature? That's easy. It does the work for me, all I just have to press the shutter-release.
I'm not technically bilingual, but let's just say my native language is English and I'm also fluent in Photoshop. Ask me a question about it and I will talk your ears off. As for video, Premiere Pro and After Effects are the dynamic duo that have won my heart. Not a day goes by where I am not on a Creative Cloud program (...no, like seriously).
I invite and encourage you to look at my work. Know that each image and video has a heart, soul and story behind it.

I started at a young age.

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